What is Single Sign On?

Single sign on (SSO) is an authentication process that lets users employ a single login credential to access different applications within the same platform.

You’ve probably seen SSO in action on several websites such as Google, which uses one login to allow access to a range of products such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Photos and such.

SSO From Amari Consulting

We implement SSO using a token-based system called OAuth along with additional services using SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). Both of these are industry-standard protocols for authorization.

At Amari Consulting, we have implemented SSO for several of our clients, including large, enterprise companies such as Unicarriers Americas Corporation. We can help design an SSO solution for your company — in fact, we will ensure that this is a good fit for you.

Single Sign On

At Amari Consulting, we provide our clients support, hosting, security, and maintenance — all the services needed to fulfill their vision!

Benefits of SSO

What are the Benefits of SSO?

There are several benefits to implementing SSO, with the primary one being a faster, easier user experience.

Simplicity for Users / Enhanced User Experience

The user experience becomes simpler and more streamlined as only one password is needed for multiple domains. Because we emphasize the user experience, SSO allows users to move securely and seamlessly throughout portals and web applications.

Compliance and Security

Because the SSO protocol requires only a single password for many applications, it is easier to require stronger passwords for a higher level of security. It is a myth that SSO accounts are vulnerable to attacks. In fact, SSO is a favorite among security applications as it encourages users to use more secure applications, including those for file transfers and similar tasks.

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